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Children enjoy making gifts. Mother’s Day is a time to plan an activity in the art center to make gifts for mothers. Gather the supplies for children to use to create colorful bookmarks. A child may also want to make a bookmark to give to a grandmother.

Supplies for Bookmarks:

  • colored strips of card stock or foam sheets
  • felt-tip markers or colored pencils
  • address labels for messages to add to bookmarks
  • sticky foam shapes and gummed stickers
  • ribbon, chenille stems, and scissors envelopes for bookmarks


1. Arrange the supplies on the table. (See illustration.)

2. Prepare address labels for messages to add to bookmarks such as:

Happy Mother’s Day, 2013

I love you, __________________________


I thank God for my mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, 2013

3. Describe plans for making bookmarks. Guide a child to print her name on the label. She can put her bookmark in an envelope to give to her mother. Remind the child to print her name on the envelope and place it with her take-home items.

Teaching Tips:

  • Talk about how mothers help their children. Initiate conversation about ways to show love to mothers. Mention the bookmarks the children made for their mothers.
  • Look at a child’s bookmark. Personalize the words by substituting a child’s name—Thank  You, God, for Lily’s mother.

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