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Remember the old-timey game, Jacks?  This is the same game, except instead of trying to pick up all of those spiky things, you get to pick up candy! 

Gather:  One good rubber bouncy-ball, the larger size is easier to handle.  Buy the candy of your choice – pictured is Starburst with the books of the bible written on both sides of the candy wrapper with a marker.  You could also use seasonal candy like Mellowcreme pumpkins  (don’t try to write the names on the pumpkins, just have them recite the books by memory as they play).

TO PLAY:  You might want to have a few practice rounds before you begin playing the game!

The ball is tossed underhand into the air, and quickly use the same hand to pick up a candy and say “Matthew,” and catch the ball after it bounces once.  Transfer the candy to your other hand.  Repeat the play, this time saying, “Mark,” after the ball bounces once, you catch it.  Continue with the rest of the bible books. 

Make it more interesting:  After the child masters the method of one bounce, have them slap the table or floor once before they pick up the candy, or clap.  As they develop their Jacks Skills you can have them pick up two at a time!  Matthew/Mark,  Luke/John,  Acts/Romans (Are you starting to remember how to play Jacks now?) 


This month Mr. Mark is resharing some of his posts from this past year.

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