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I love teaching Bible skills every week. When I see kids who can use their Bibles and find passages or verses quickly, I know the investment is worth it all. I want to challenge you to have regular times for Bible skill games and practice Bible Drill. I have lots of tutorial videos under the resource tab on

We put together a notebook of our favorite games called Bible Skill Boosters to help teachers develop a treasure chest of learning games they can use each week. This resource has ideas for Bible book games, Bible verse memorization games and fun review games.  These ideas will be so helpful in Sunday School, Bible Drill, Awana and whatever children’s class you lead. Our children need to learn their Bible skills so they can feed themselves spiritually and this book will flood teachers with tons of ideas. It’s available for immediate download too.

This year we are working on the Blue Cycle of Bible Drill and we have written ideas for every verse and books of the Bible games and even Key passage games. It’s available for immediate download too.

Here’s some pictures of the games I spoke about in the video.  So much FUN!!


Go to  to see more!



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February 22-23, 2019
Immanuel Baptist Church, Odessa, TX 
Friday |  6:30p.m.-9:00p.m.  |  Equipping the Grade-school Teacher
Saturday | 9:00a.m.-11:00a.m. |  Equipping Preschool Teachers

April 27, 2019
Hope Fellowship, Lake Jackson, TX
Morning | The Seven Desires of Your Child’s Heart, Dealing with Entitlements and a Lack of Respect
Afternoon | Fine-tuning your Super Power, The Three Pillars of Childhood Ministry



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