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Evaluate if your preschoolers through preteen age children are absent from your presence as well as your conversations.  Maybe it’s because of our choice to work later, kick back in the recliner and watch all the shows we have recorded or steal away with our computer or iphone as you sit and enjoy the wireless router recently installed.  As I see it, our kids are simply following our lead.  They are doing what we do and not what we say, “more is caught than taught.”  The results of a new survey of adults in our churches says half  would like the church to become more adaptive to this culture of people as they are today in order to minister to them in ways that are more relevant.  The relationship you have with your kids will take time and you are the leader.  This is not something you can assign to the church as it fits your lifestyle.  Here are a couple of ideas I use with my kids as we live our busy lives.


  • Purposely read a verse of scripture or memorize a verse each week together.  Practice it as you stand eating your instant oatmeal waiting for the school bus or as you drive in the car.
  • Discuss problems or challenges you see or experience and let your answers be, “The Bible says… “or “We should pray about…” these common truths and practices should be heard and modeled for your kids to be able to follow.


Our survey revealed that 57% of those polled have a daily time of devotion and prayer.  Consider these ideas as you wait or travel to have conversations including the Bible and as you talk your children will notice the value you put on God’s word and will more likely value it by following your example.


What are some ways that you have learned to be more intentional in talking with kids about Christ?

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