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The new Federal regulations regarding cribs, and the knowledge that all existing cribs utilized in places where caregivers are paid have to be replaced by December 28, 2012, has opened a floodgate of questions and concerns.


Where may I obtain a copy of the new crib standards? Links to the new standards and other pertinent crib information posted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission follows:


The law



CPSC’s Crib Information Center:



Does my church have to have new cribs?  If you are a licensed child care facility or if any of your childcare workers are paid, then “yes” you have to have new cribs.  In response to my question about whether or not the new standards applied to churches, Christopher T. Melchert, Compliance Officer, U.S Consumer Products Safety Commission wrote:


“Thus, we believe that a child care facility (or family child care home) includes locations where someone is paid to provide care to children and where cribs are provided.  There is no exclusion for churches.”


May we use a portable crib like a pack and play? Yes, portable “pack and play” types of cribs are in compliance with the new federal regulations.  Each state can have their own policy on use of these in licensed facilities but as of now they are legal.  The portable units are more difficult to sanitize but they do provide an affordable option for churches sharing community facilities like schools and movie theaters or small churches that don’t often need cribs.

** Note – you must use the thin built in mattress that comes with this crib and not try to add additional padding on top of it.  Also note that there are some nice wooden and metal folding cribs available as well.


Who has the most reasonable crib prices?  New compliant crib prices range from around $150.00 up to $600.00.  If they are much more or less than this – “let the buyer beware”.  A friend here in Abilene, Texas asked me to quote new cribs for the five nonprofit child care centers that she runs.  I gave her the best “friend” deal that I could.  When she shared that she found them less expensive from another company on line– I was shocked.  I asked her to call back and get the freight on the cribs.  She did and the freight cost for the 80 cribs she needed was inflated by over $2,000! That is how certain companies were “selling” the cribs so inexpensively.  Although my price per crib was more – with the proper freight, I actually saved her around $1,000.


Is it better to buy in bulk or quantity?  The more cribs purchased at one time, the less the freight per crib should be.  Because of rising freight costs, it is best to order all that you will need at one time instead of just a few at a time.  If another church in your town needs cribs and you order all at once to one shipping address, it should save you some money.  Some people like this savings; others don’t think that it’s worth the hassle of transporting the cribs to their own church.  Our prices are based on quantity, so you should definitely call for special pricing.


Who should I buy my cribs from? Churches always strive to be good stewards of the monies given to them.  When purchasing cribs, consider the price but also make sure you are purchasing from a company who will take care of you and provide customer service after you receive your cribs.  Will they honor the warranty? Will they replace missing hardware? Will they help get replacements if there is freight damage?


About the Author

My name is Vicki Reynolds, and I am president of Reynolds Manufacturing Corporation, located in Abilene, Texas.    We have been manufacturing children’s furniture and classroom furnishings since 1987.  We distribute a wide range of early childhood furniture and equipment.  We are a family-owned and operated business with a reputation for outstanding quality and service.  Our company distributes the Foundations brand cribs and play yards.  We welcome the opportunity to help you with your crib needs.  My assistant, Beverly Lynn, our director of marketing, Hogan Allcorn, a recent Baylor graduate, or I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have concerning cribs.  Our prices are extremely competitive, and we will be happy to prepare a quote for you. I want you to buy your cribs from Reynolds!  Give us a call at 800-588-4031. Our website is


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