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  • 5 Mini craft sticks 
  • 2 Jumbo craft sticks 
  • 3 Rubber bands 
  • Glue gun 
  • Plastic lid 
  • Pom pom 



Glue a plastic lid to one end of one of the craft sticks. 



  • Stack the mini craft sticks and secure with a rubber band on one end. 
  • Insert the opposite end of the craft stick with the lid between the 1st and 2nd mini craft sticks. 
  • Use a rubber band to secure the other end of the mini craft stick stack. 
  • Place the stack of mini craft sticks on other jumbo craft stick and use a rubber band to attach it to the 1st jumbo stick. 
  • Place a pom pom in the lid, push the jumbo stick down and let it go. 


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