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This time of year seems to be the most challenging to manage when it comes to childcare issues at the church.  Every class wants to have a Christmas party and all at different times.  The music ministry forgets to schedule childcare for those extra rehearsals they plan.  No one knows how many kids will be coming or for what ages we need to provide care.  This can be frustrating as you are trying to schedule workers. If you say you can’t provide childcare then you seem like the bad guy and obviously don’t care about the needs of the church.  You are stuck trying to juggle last minute events and overworking your childcare employees so they won’t quit.

Today, I’m sharing a conversation about this subject with Debbie Miller, Children’s Minister in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  She gathered childcare policies and procedures from several churches and created a wonderful guide you might be interested in using too.  I have provided a printable version (in Word) so you can edit it and create your own guidelines.  Click the link below for the printable of find it under the “Resource” tab on the navigation bar.  If you do not have guidelines like this, you are a sitting duck waiting for trouble.  Be sure to listen to our conversation as she talks through each guideline and try to update or establish your church’s childcare guidelines for this coming year.  It will help everyone to know what to expect and how to work together.  Providing a safe place for children at church means having a plan that everyone follows so we can give our best in serving families.

Download printable childcare policies.

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