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Term: One year, beginning ___________________

Supervisor: ______________________________

Individual Responsibilities

  • Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Desire to grow in faith and commitment to God and participate in personal Bible study and prayer
  • Worship regularly with the church family

Team responsibilitiesPicture1

  • Pray regularly for each child and others on your teaching team
  • Participate in scheduled teachers’ meetings
  • Express needs as a teacher to your supervisor

Sunday Morning Responsibilities

  • Arrange materials and room to create an effective learning environment
  • Greet each child upon arrival and involve him or her in conversation and meaningful activity
  • Model the love of Christ by getting to know children and sharing their concerns, needs and joys

Guide Bible learning by

1. Being well prepared to use Bible stories, verses/passages, questions and com- ments appropriate to the age level in order to accomplish the lesson aims;

2.Selecting a variety of Bible learning activities and encouraging each student to ac- tively participate in each lesson;

3.Parcipating with the children in learning activities and in large-group times.

Student Follow Up Responsibilities

  • Follow up on visitors and absentees with mailings, phone calls and/or personal visits.
  • Care for each class member with prayer, telephone calls, birthday cards, etc.

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