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Have fun helping kids focus on the true reason for the season with a Christmas Countdown chain!  There is a verse to read every day from December 1st through Christmas Eve.

What you will need:christmas

  • Red and green paper (copy paper is best)
  • Cardstock, white
  • Computer or markers
  • Scissors
  • Scripture verses (provided)
  • Tape

Put it together:

Print the scripture references on green and red paper using your computer or hand write them with markers.

Luke 1:11-17

Malachi 3:1

Isaiah 9:6-7

Luke 1:26-33

Matthew 1:18-19

Isaiah 7:14

Matthew 1:20-25

Luke 1:39-56

Luke 2:1-7

Luke 2:8-14

Luke 2:15-20


Luke 2:21-24

Matthew 2:1-5

Micah 5:2

Matthew 2:7-12

Luke 2:25-35

Luke 2:36-38

Hosea 11:1

Matthew 2:13-15

Jeremiah 31:15

Matthew 2:16-18

Matthew 2:19-23

Luke 2:39-40

  1. Cut the strips apart and have the kids use tape to create a chain.
  2. Copy the Christmas Countdown topper onto white cardstock.
  3. Attach the chain to the Christmas Countdown topper.
  4. Kids will tear off a verse to read each day until Christmas.

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