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Here are three Christmas Games I know your kids will enjoy.  Use these with your Bible skills games or just for fun as kids arrive in your class. 

Tinsel Drawing 


  • Tinsel 
  • Index cards 
  • Marker 


  1. Create two teams.
  2. Chose one player from each team to stand behind the table with you.
  3. Show the word of the object they will form with the tinsel.
  4. Say, “Go!” so the tinsel drawing begins.
  5. Whichever team guesses the correct word while watching the tinsel drawing is the winner and gets the points. 
  6. Continue playing until everyone has had a turn.
  7. The highest score wins.


 Snowball Stacking 


  • Large marshmallows 
  • Jumbo craft sticks (tongue depressors) 


  1. The child holds the craft stick in his mouth like a plank 
  2. He carefully adds a marshmallow one at time by stacking them on the end of the plank 

*Note- Children take turns and see who can get the most. Compete in teams with players side by side, or the entire class can all do this at the same time.  It all depends how much time you have for this game.  Be sure to take pictures of their facing while they are stacking.  Fun pics like this are great to hang in the halls and in classrooms of your ministry. 


Candy Cane Fishing 


  • Dowel rod 
  • Yarn 
  • Tape 
  • Candy cane ornaments or candy 
  • Coffee cup size container (The candy canes need to stick up so they can easily be hooked.) 


  1. Tape a 30” length of yarn to the end of a dowel rod. 
  2. Tape a candy cane to the other end of the yarn as a hook.
  3. Place the remaining candy canes in the cup. 
  4. Invite the children to take turns and fish for the candy canes. 
  5. Older children might enjoy a timed completion to see how many they can retrieve in 60 seconds. 

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