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During this Christmas season, consider including gift-wrapped books in your December plans. The gift-wrapped books can be on a shelf or in one of the learning centers. Preschoolers will be curious about the wrapped “packages.”  Invite a child to choose a “package” to open. When the child unwraps the book, enjoy watching him turn the pages. Offer to read the book.

The gift-wrapped books may also be used during group time.


Supplies for Gift-Wrapped Books:

  • leader pack books for December
  • seasonal books (Avoid fantasy and cartoon books.*)
  • colored paper and Christmas wrapping paper—not secular designs
  • scissors, clear tape

*Check Christmas books before using to be certain the text is biblical based. Avoid books that show the “Wise Men” at the manger.


  1. Cut the paper to fit around a book. Use tape as needed. (See illustration.)
  2. Display the gift-wrapped books on a book shelf or in other places in the classroom. (This is an idea that can be repeated during the month, using different books.)

Teaching Tips:

  • Explain words in the books.
  • Identify people in the pictures.
  • Ask a child to describe something about what he sees on one of the pages of the book.
  • Remind preschoolers that people write books to tell a story and help us know what happened. Open  the Bible to Matthew and say, “In this part of the Bible, we read about God’s plan for the birth of His Son, Jesus.
  • Turn to 1 John 4:10 and read: God loved us and sent His Son.

Expand the idea: Wrap Bible teaching pictures for December to use during group time. As a child unwraps a picture, ask him to recall something about the Bible story.

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