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Many teachers are just sorting through great ideas to use this month, so I want to offer a few I learned from my good friend, Carrie Wood. She does a fantastic job at First Baptist Church of McAlester, Oklahoma and has for many years. Thank you Carrie for sharing these ideas! 

  1. Kazoo Parade- Kids can sing or play Kazoos for shut-in members or at the local nursing center for the residents and later enjoy hot chocolate. 
  2. Church Sneak-In- Choose a day for families to sneak into the church and go to a location you have set up with a nativity scene. Set out a Bible and directions for reading the Christmas Story in Luke 2. Instruct families to bring a flashlight because it will be dark  Provide snacks and take pictures in the Fellowship Hall if you want to gather people after they have finished. 
  3. Bell ringer- Sign-up to be a bell ringer for the Salvation Army and ask kids to come meet you to take turns ringing the bell. This might be perfect for parents to shop during the time allowed for ringing. 
  4. Expectant Mother- Ask a mother that is “Great with Child” to come and describe how difficult it would have been to walk or ride a donkey as far as Mary would have traveled to Bethlehem.  Teachers can easily interview the mother. 
  5. Annual Activity or Project- Help teachers choose an annual project they will do so each class has something different and children will have a variety as they promote from year to year. The teacher just repeats and improves her idea each year.   
  6. Collecting coats.
  7. Angel Tree distribution.
  8. Delivering snacks.

Reply and tell me what you would suggest. What is your ministry doing this year to emphasis Christmas service and learning? 

Your Friend, 

Mr. Mark 



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