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A great way to usher in the holiday season and bless missionaries at the same time!  A great family activity.

What you will need:christmas

  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Basket
  • Gift tags

Put it together:

  1. Choose one of the Christmas in August missionaries from this site:
  2. Make tags with the list of the items the missionaries are requesting.
  3. Make a sign with these instructions: “If you would like to provide the items on this list; take the tag and hang the ornament on the tree.”    Be sure to include an ending date and any other necessary instructions.
  4. Set up a Christmas tree in a highly visible area of your church.
  5. Attach a tag to each ornament.
  6. Place the baskets of ornaments near the tree.
  7. Watch the tree fill up with ornaments!
  8. Note: Be sure to follow the guidelines carefully to insure that the missionaries receive items they can use.

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