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Play a concentration game using objects instead of flat items or pictures.

Create an object concentration game to use at Christmastime.concentration

Supplies for Object Concentration:

  • 12 paper cups (Use less cups for younger preschoolers.)
  • marker to print numbers 1 through 12 on cups or to print numbers on gummed labels to attach to cups. (You could also use stick-on numbers.)
  • 6 sets of objects such as bells, small packages,  package bows, unbreakable ornaments,  plastic seasonal flowers or greenery, and manger scene figures


  1. Place sets of objects on a tray or in a box lid.
  2. Turn the cups upside down to cover the objects. (See illustration.)
  3. Arrange the cups in order, 1 through 12.

Directions for Game:

  • Invite a child to call two numbers and lift the two cups to uncover the objects.
  • If the objects match, the child leaves the cups turned up. If they do not match, he puts  the cups back on the objects.
  • Continue playing the game until all of the objects have been matched.
  • Rearrange the objects under the cups to repeat the game.

Teaching Tips:

  • Talk about things boys and girls see at Christmastime. Remind the boys and girls that they are growing and learning that God sent His Son.
  • Ask questions such as: “What name did God choose for His Son? Where was Jesus born? Who is Jesus’ mother?”
  • Save the cups to use at another time with different objects. When a child removes two cups, he will recognize that the objects are different than the previous time the game was played. Enjoy watching preschoolers play the game.

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