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Our church has a history of providing one big December evening for the kids so adult Bible study groups can plan a night to celebrate Christmas together. Having the celebrations all on the same night really helps to meet the need for childcare  Yes, it’s a lot of pizza, games and crafts, but it beats needing to plan activities for every night during December. My friend Shelby Egender, preschool minister, created this fun project for our children attending the December Parent’s Night Out. 


Miss Shelby used the big pine cones that were donated.  She spray painted them green and hot glued them to these little desert bowls (upside down).  The teachers invited the kids to decorate the Christmas trees by gluing pom-poms and stars to their trees.  It was adorable!


Our Weekday Preschool is always displaying the cutest ideas.  So often, I post pictures of their great art on my Instagram (mr.mark_jones) and Facebook (Mr. Mark’s Classroom).  One idea I just had to share was this apple pie making activity.  Mrs. Sewall invited each of her two-year-olds to come and make an apple pie they can enjoy with their family.  She helped them get the pie ready and assisted them in adding the apple pie filling.  They were all smiles (and so was I). 



Here’s a cute Christmas tree idea and it includes literacy fun as they build their name, letter by letter, with each section of the tree.  I bet you have some wrapping paper that could easily be cut into triangles and built into Christmas trees.  I wonder how tall your tree would grow?

Merry Christmas in your classroom!  Have fun!

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

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