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Everyone is uniquely made for a purpose.  Use circles to make miniature art that looks like you!  Craft requires three circle sizes: 2 small are for the ears; 1 medium for the neck; and 3 large for the face, hair, and shirt.  I suggest craft punches, die cuts, or patterns to trace and cut out.  Layer the ears and neck behind face.  Cut hair and shirt circles in half to make two semi-circles of each color.  Cut a notch from the hair and glue the hair over the forehead.  Glue the shirt behind the neck and face.  Draw the eyes, mouth, freckles, etc.  For long hair, cut extra circles or ovals to glue behind the head and peek out behind the ears.  An extra circle between the head and the long hair can pop up just above the bangs from behind the head.  This creates the look of a headband for your girls.  Enjoy how God made you special!

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