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  • Three sheets of double wall cardboard (8’ x 10’) 
  • Utility knife 
  • Box tape 
  • Construction paper (gray and dark brown)for siding shingles 
  • Latex paint (rust brown and dark brown) 
  • Narrow roller brush  (width of wood planks) 
  • Two wooden props (1” x  4”) length two feet each 
  • Light with yellow bulb 
  • Optional- Plastic or tin roofing sheets 


  1. On each sheet of cardboard, measure four feet and score the cardboard to bend in half. 
  2. Stand two sheets on the side and tape end together to create the square box.  Tip- Find a large box to serve as the clubhouse without making this structure. 
  3. Fold the third sheet of cardboard in half and tape together.  This will give strength as the roof when it is propped open on the clubhouse. Option- Use plastic or tin roofing material as the roof.  Depending on the size of the roof you create be ready to add support strips of wood to prevent drooping or instability. 
  4. Cut openings for the door and any windows to hinge open and/ or add theme fabric as curtains.   
  5. Simply painting a door on the box is great along with long stripes of rust brown paint stripes as planks.  After the stripes dry lightly brush on dark brown craft paint as wood grain for an interesting and finished surface.  Option- Wrap the box with large craft paper to cover any printing and draw or paint the wooden planks on the paper. 
  6. Paint the roof panel any color you desire or repeat the plank painting.  Place the panel on top of the box and secure it with tape in the back.  Open the roof in the front and add to props of wood or sticks so the telescope can protrude out the top. Tip- Only paint the inside of the roof since that is all that shows when propped open. 
  7. Add a light inside the box the cause a glow on the underside of the roof propped open. 

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