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  • Purchase beach ball.
  • Inflate the beach ball20
  • Write numbers on each space with a permanent marker.

Option:  Write questions like: Who?, What?, Where? When?, Why?, Wild Question! In spaces for story review.

What to Do: 

  • Divide the kids into two teams.
  • Toss the spinning ball to the contestant.  When he catches it, locate where his right thumb is touching and that will be the question.
  • Award each team a point for each correct answer.
  • When questions for review are completed, invite the children to play volleyball in in the room as a wrap up.

*Volleyball– Ask the kids to sit in chairs with each team facing each other.  Volley the beach ball back and forth without letting it touch the ground.

Note– Bible skills can be practiced by writing on the beach ball: Reference?, Book Before?, Book After?, Verse?, and Key Passage?

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