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Bible skill games are always a win for any elementary classroom since kids need to be practicing the books of the Bible.  Lynn Jordan has created a wonderful game and shared this printable gameboard with us so you can add to your games collection.  Simply print the gameboard (Size 11 x 17) and glue it to a piece of posterboard to help make it more rigid.  If you have a way to laminate the gameboard, it will be that much more durable.  You may already have the books of the Bible written on clothespins but if not, that will need to be done.  There are many fun games to be played with Bible book clothespins.  I hope you enjoy this game with your kiddos and if you ever need to find this printable again, please look in the resources tab of Mr. Mark’s Classroom.  Lots of other free resources are available there including tutorials for starting a Bible Drill program in your church.  I hope you will consider discipling kids this fall using the Bible Drill curriculum.  It’s very rewarding to see your kids be equipped with these needed Bible skills.

Written by: Mark Jones


  • Copier
  • 11-by-17 inch paper
  • 66 Clothespins


Copy the game board on the paper. Print the books of the Bible on the clothespins.


Challenge the kids to clip the names of the book to the correct square on the game board.

Written by: Lynn Jordan


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