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  • Tan king-size flat sheet 
  • Dark brown spray paint 
  • Two-foot rectangle piece of cardboard (stencil) 



  1. Wash and dry the sheet. 
  2. Stretch the sheet between two ladders to be painted.  
  3. To create the boards on the sheet, hold the rectangle stencil top edge to the sheet approximately four inches from the top.  Spray paint (dark brown) across the top and ends of the stencil and onto the sheet.  Pull the stencil away to reveal the hard line created by the stencil.  Continue this pattern across the sheet horizontally.   
  4. After each row is completed, move down approximately four inches until the sheet is completely painted. 
  5. Let it dry completely. 
  6. Optional- Use a metallic silver or copper permanent marker to draw small dots as nail heads on each board. 

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