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This is a simple way to create the inside of the clubhouse in minutes.  The panels are printed on high quality satin photo paper to give the most realistic look for your classroom.  Locate the corner of the classroom you wish to feature as your clubhouse.  We suggest the  corner the kids will see across the room as they enter the door.

taping-cardboardStart in the corner by hanging the eight foot long panels from ceiling to floor.  The panels are just over four feet wide.  Secure the each panel to the wall using Mavalus Tape or tacks/staples if your church allows.  The panels will give you a wall on each side just over eight feet each.  If you wanted to extend it to over twelve feet on each side you will need the Add-On Wall Panels.

telescope-to-wallCreate a window by cutting an opening in one side.  Use a box to trace around if that makes you more comfortable.  After removing the inside of the window, cut the planks apart from the scrap and add it as window trim and window seal.  Add some colorful printed cloth for curtains by simply taping it around the window.

tele-with-desk-interiorFinish the scene by adding the star charts and drawings to the walls.  Bring in a small desk or makeshift desk, place the telescope looking through the window, bring lanterns or lamps into the clubhouse and lawn chairs for kids to sit on.  With the classroom lights off and only the corner of the room illuminated, the kids will get a more convincing feel of being in the clubhouse.



Telescope and Charts

This large telescope is printed flat but has the appearance of three dimensional when added to a tripod.  Skip the painting and simply cut out the large telescope and wall charts from the 5’ x 6’ banner paper.  Tape the charts to the clubhouse walls and the large telescope to some double wall cardboard or foam board and cut it out.  Add it to a tripod and that’s all.  You’re done!

The Telescope and Charts are included with the “Inside the Clubhouse” Bundle.

Clubhouse Interior Bundle
(4 wall panels + Telescope and Charts panel)

Add-On Wall Panels (2 panels)

Telescope and Charts


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