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  • Cardboard Circle  
  • paper circle (same size as cardboard)  
  • Coin (penny works best)  
  • Markers  
  • Glue  
  • Scissors  


  1. Cut a circle shape out of cardboard.  You can use a small bowl or CD to trace this shape on the cardboard.  
  1. Repeat step one on a sheet of paper.  
  1. Cut out cardboard and paper circle.   
  1. Use markers to color a design on the white paper circle.  You can even color it a solid color and then write a Bible verse in a circular order.  
  1. Glue the white circle to the cardboard circle.  
  1. Use scissors to cut a slit in the disc shape. You want this big enough to slide the penny into the center of the slit.  
  1. Add the penny to the slit.  
  1. Spin and have fun!  


*Children could practice saying the verse written on the disc in the amount of time that it takes for the spinner to stop spinning!   

Written by Mark Jones & Rachel Coleman

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