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If I could only choose one art activity for preschool boys and girls, collage art would be my first choice. Why? When a preschooler has a variety of art supplies to use, he has an opportunity to be creative and make his own choices about how to use the supplies. A child who is allowed to be creative in the early years of his life, will more likely enjoy being creative as he continues to grow.

No patterns are needed for collage art!


Supplies for Collage Art:

  • box or container with divided sections

Another idea: a white plastic drawer organizer from Wal Mart—two smaller trays that fit on top of the bottom tray. (See illustration.)

  • collage materials to place inside the container sections such as small pieces of paper, fabric scraps and trims, buttons, aquarium gravel, craft balls, pieces of plastic straws, stickers
  • paper plates, glue, clear tape



1. Fill the sections with a variety of collage materials. Place the container on a table with paper plates, glue, and clear tape.

Note: Paper can be used for collage art, but paper plates are heavier and easier for a child  to handle as items are added.

Teaching Tips:

  • Guide a child to choose a paper plate to create a collage. Explain that a collage is different materials glued or taped on a surface such as a paper plate.
  • As the child chooses materials, she may create a specific design or she may enjoy gluing and taping with no specific plan. However, she will have the freedom to explore her creativity and make her own choices about colors and designs.
  • Enjoy watching a child involved in collage art. Remind a child that God planned for her to grow and learn how to choose and do things. Say: “I thank God for you (Philemon 4).”

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