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Dear Mr. Mark,

Haven’t had this problem before but we are having issues now and just wondering how other churches handle it. 

Parents are dropping their children (preschool and school age) off for Sunday School and Awana and then leaving the premises.  Children are unsupervised after Sunday School and during Worship until the parents return to pick them up.  On Awana night, the children are picked up late and it’s been as long as an hour late several times.  Parents have not responded to our “gentle nudges” regarding “how to” do things!

 Any suggestions? 


Mr Marks Suggestion:

Not sure how you feel about this, when I have talked to parents and they still don’t respond.  I have sat outside in the empty parking lot with my family in the car waiting.  When the parent arrived, it was clear.  I still said, “You need to be on time.” And looked them in the eyes (stare them down).  Things improved.  I might even ask, “Where have you been?”  I realize people are not all the same. And you must consider how this will affect your relationship but you must first be an advocate for the child.  I felt like I was parenting the parent a little.  Weird!  But it worked for me.


What about you?  Do you have a suggestion or creative way to handle this situation?


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