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Conference Outlines

I have written training conferences through the years and had the privilege of using resources developed by others so I want to share with you.  Our community of Childhood Ministers has provided terrific conference outlines for equipping teachers and leaders.  I have tried to post the names of the writers to give them the credit they deserve.  Some outlines and handouts have no name listed.  Some ideas have been developed into larger works and a terrific resource for you.  I appreciate the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, LifeWay Christian Resources, and professional ministers contributing and sharing these outlines and resources with us.  Maybe you have something you have developed and would like to share with our community, please forward to me at

If you have a training responsibility or teachers’ meeting that you need ideas or resources to use, please check this list.  I pray God will use this to train your people to greatness in teaching children about Him. 

Children’s Conferences

Connecting with Kids

Levels of Bible Skills


Leadership Conferences

Positive Publicity Idea Bank


General Conferences

From Chaos to Control

From Chaos to Control Listening Activity

From Chaos to Control, ABCs

Sharing the Legacy with Parents

Learning Approaches (Icons)


Preschool Conferences

Learning Centers for Preschoolers


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