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We are serving kids and families in our churches and I consider that a high calling.  Here is the challenge we all face.  I had a wise godly man challenge me to not limit my ministry to the kids in my church but to think worldwide.  I have given thought to kids in our city and state and even other states but never internationally.  What would I do?  How do move forward?

I prayed and ask God to show me and open my eyes for ways to do this.  Before I knew it, I was asked to provide a children’s camp in East Asia.  I learned so much from those connected to the area we were serving.  I simply took people and supplies and had VBS (something I knew very well) to kids that had never had this experience.  It was amazing and now we are planning our next international trip.  I just want to encourage you to think outside your understanding and pray for God to open your eyes and opportunities to reaching and teaching kids internationally.  It will bless you!!

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

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