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Just when I thought we were set for the school year, our early Sunday School hour had a third grade class overwhelmed with kids and four hoodlums.  The teachers were about to go crazy especially dealing with the terrorists.  We decided to create another class.  I asked the teachers to make two roles and consider who should be in the new class.  My one request was that everyone has a friend if possible.

Letters were sent to families and when children arrived they learned which class they were assigned.  As kids took the walk next door they were sad and felt unwanted until they came in the door.  I was there!  I had great stuff to do and said, “Yeah!!  I’m so glad you’re in my class!”  Kids asked over and over again, “Are you my new teacher?”  I assured them I was the teacher and I am so glad we get to be together.

After eight weeks, these third graders and I are really getting to know each other and the terrorists have learned how to have a good time in Sunday School without creating all those problems.  I hope to have a couple of new workers join me by January and hopefully continue to see this class grow.

Do you have any classes that need to be divided?  Do you have any terrorist that need to be transformed into sweet kids again?  Tell me about your situation.


Make a Door Hanger Reminder











Cut craft foam into large shapes. Lay the shapes on a table with stickers, large labels, markers, a hole punch, and chenille stems. Comment that sometimes people do not make right choices. Ask children to think of ways they should treat their family members. They can draw pictures or print words on the labels. Guide them to stick these labels and other stickers on the foam shapes. You may want to provide labels printed with the Bible verse to add to the reminders. When a child finishes his reminder help him punch two holes at the top. He can insert the ends of a chenille stem through the holes and twist the ends together. Tell him he can hang the reminder on his bedroom door or other place to remember how to treat family members. Talk about the Bible story while children work.

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