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Last week before Thanksgiving, we worked like little elves to hang Christmas lights (larger C-9 size) in our children’s ministry hallways.  Last year we installed clear Adams Hooks on the ceiling when we hung the lights so all we had to do was repeat last year’s efforts.  Of course, I did not label the lights or draw a plan of what we did. (uhg!)  We had a committee meeting and shared our frustration then put our heads together and figured out what to do.  This is how kid’s ministry always goes.  What seemed easy in my mind is only faced with three hurdles and a ring of fire. Know what I mean?  We figured out what to do and got to work although we had to take time for lunch. (BTW- I never miss lunch.)

When we finished, I was careful to label the lights and draw diagrams.  I turned off the hallway light to take a picture of one of the halls for you to see.  We were so excited to see the reactions on the kid’s faces Sunday morning. Sunday was great except one thing, we blew a fuse.  The section in the picture was dark.  (uhg!)  The rest of the lights looked great and this week the fuse will be fixed.  What are you doing to deck the halls?

Mr. Mark


Guess Who?







Items needed:  index cards and pencils.

Give each child an index card and pencil.  Have them number 1-5.  Each child should list a clue about himself/herself.  Place the cards in a container and pass it around, allowing each child at his/her turn to draw a card, read the clues out loud and attempt to name who the card is describing.  If the child with the card cannot guess the correct person, the class can help.

How do we know who Jesus is?

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