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Decorate-Me Christmas Tree






What you will need:
One yard of green flannel fabric
Three or more colors of felt
Masking tape

Put it together:
Fold the flannel fabric in half.
Place strips of tape about four inches apart along the side of the fabric to mark the depth between the tree branches.
Begin cutting from the top of the tree (folded side) toward the bottom of the tree (opposing corner). Cut an arch toward the first tape line. Next, cut straight toward the folded side about three inches then begin the next arch. The cuts will continue to enlarge toward the middle and base of the tree (see video demonstration).
Cut a variety of shapes from the felt to serve as ornaments to decorate the tree.
Hang the tree on the wall with Mavalus Tape and place the ornaments on the tree or in a small box on the floor.
Invite children to decorate and redecorate the tree.


photo 1





What you will need:
Large brick blocks (Option: Create a fire place with a box covered with paper and painted bricks.)
Tape or glue
Box lid, such as a copy paper box
Construction paper (black, brown, orange, yellow)
Nativity play figures

Put it together:
Tape or glue black construction paper inside the box lid.
Cut a couple of small logs from brown construction paper and tape to the bottom of the black paper.
Tear flames of fire from the orange and yellow paper then tape into place.
Stand the box lid on the floor and tape it to the wall.
Add the brick blocks around the fire box.
Add the nativity and a small rug.

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