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Derby Dash and Devotional

Many of us are in the throws of Pinewood Derby construction.  As we have been working with our boys I try to make it more than just a “handcraft” concept.  While the boys have their hands busy I try to keep their minds busy as well.  Each week we work I tie that component to scripture.

I held up a block of wood and talked about how God created each one us with a specific design in mind.  As they drew there designs I continued to help them understand the might and majesty of God.  When we cut the cars out and threw away the “waste” material I told them about the “waste” in our life.  God wants to cut that out to reveal the powerful and fast design He created within us.  We talked about repentance and faith.  As we sanded the rough edges to make the car smoother, sleeker, and faster I discussed how over time God wants us to grow faster and sleeker in our walk with Him.  Through Bible reading and worship we can see our lives changing.  When we primed and painted our cars, I told them about the Holy Spirit and the gifts we received at repentance.  Though their paint jobs were all different, the primer was all the same.  There is 1 Spirit but many gifts.  We clear coated the cars for protection and I shared with the boys the truth that once we are in the hand of God there is nothing that can remove us.  The wheels are what make the car go.  The wheels of missions and evangelism cause us to “go”.  The design decides how and where. Finally we race and compete much like we are supposed to spiritually in this life.  At the end of the race the winners are those who lead others to Christ.

After these several weeks I have created a “Derby Dash and Devo” game for the boys to play.  There are three sets of lists.  The first list involves all the steps to making a car.  The second list has the spiritual topics.  The third list has scripture references.  Toward the end of the Derby time play this game to check and assist the retention of your boys with the spiritual and scriptural areas.  Put one set of these lists in a bag per small group of boys.  Have them take all the strips out and put them in the matrix so that everything matches.


Derby Dash and Devotional

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