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Tape up pictures of a pharaoh, Egyptians, and Jewish slaves.  On index cards write, draw, or paste a visual of each of the ten plagues.  Place a line on the floor using tape/yarn.  Kids must stand behind the line to take turns tossing a dime at the wall to see who can get their dime to land closest to the wall.   Ask how much a dime is worth.  Remind the kids that the number ten is important in today’s lesson.  Whoever gets their dime closest to the wall gets to be Moses.  Approach the “Pharaoh” and tell him to let God’s people go.  Place a sticky note up above “Pharaoh” that says “NO”.  Let the kids decide if the consequence for not doing as God directed should land on the Egyptians or Israelites.  Stick the plague card over the group in order.  Play until all ten plagues are up. Why were the Jews protected?

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