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I have been frustrated with people who push back on my ideas to the point that they would not push back anymore.  They didn’t want the conflict with me.  That might sound great, but the truth is it was bad for me.   sweep

See, I am a dreamer and optimistic (some may say idealist), and I think we can and should do everything I can think to do.  You can already see what a disaster that can be. When everyone agrees about everything, I quickly learned how insecure that really feels.

When people never push back, you start wondering if you are doing the right thing.  Hearing “yes” all the time means no one is adding to your ideas.  This means your ideas are not growing and becoming greater because you are not open to others’ opinions.  This also means you do not have anyone buying into the ideas.  If people are not investing in your ideas, then you have no followers.  You may be called the leader, but if you look back and realize you are alone, then you’re alone.

Do yourself a favor and stop being threatened when others name a concern with your idea.  Consider your idea the starting point not the finish line.  I agree with the film makers at Disney who say, “We never finish our movies, we just release them.”  The input from others is valuable and we need it.  As the leader, throw out an idea and see what happens.  I’m guessing your people will jump on the bandwagon and help you make it better or it will morph into something amazing.  Either way, you will have led these people into something terrific.

What is a project you are currently considering?  Reply and let me know.

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

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