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Taking care of the hard things in ministry is never easy, but if you run and hide every time something pops up, they will find you sooner or later. To make it worse, the pastor will become the complaint department and then he will call you in for a chat. No one likes to be surprised with difficult questions and having to face confrontations, but if you do, you will gain the respect of your pastor, staff and leaders. Some people will leave petty things alone just because they know what you will say. You can always appeal to safety, and saying “no” is often the right thing even if you’re a people pleaser. Step in and rescue teachers from pushy parents. Also, when you don’t have the answer, let the person know that you will get back to them. You might need to discuss it with the pastor and offer other options. Sometimes, I’ve had to call the person back and say, “I’ve got some bad news…”

Today’s podcast is about doing the hard things in ministry.  I hope you will be encouraged.

Your friend,

Mr. Mark






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