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What do oil drip pans and metal Slinkies have in common?  Nothing, but they are perfect for teaching literacy activities and nature centers.

Drip Pan– Most commonly found in the automotive section of the store for about $12.00 and can be used in multiple ways.  In the video, I show how a teacher uses it to take role and organize her schedule with the kids.  Magnetic play is even more fun with a larger surface like the drip pan.  Perfect for literacy activities with magnetic letters.  Some teachers have permanently attached drip pans to the wall as a choice in activity centers.

Slinky–  Be sure to use a metal Slinky for this fun auditory experience.  Tie short pieces of yarn to each end of the Slinky.  Invite two children to wrap the yarn around their index fingers and touch their face very near their ear opening.  While the Slinky is suspended between the two children the teacher should gently bounce it with her hand.  The children will hear a very unique sound.  Ask them to describe it.


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