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A metal drip pan can be used for a  variety of activities. Preschoolers will learn about magnets.  Boys and girls will learn Bible truths with the items teachers prepare for the activities.

God gives us eyes to see (Proverbs 20:12) is a Bible verse that can also initiate conversation about ears to hear and hands to touch as children are involved in activities.


Supplies for Drip Pan Activities

  • metal drip pan (can be a purchased from an auto parts store or in the automotive department at Wal-Mart for about $10-$12.)
  • big pockets (See illustration. The pockets are from a school supplies store.)
  • magnetic clips (available at dollar stores and teacher stores)
  • other clips such as clothes pins with magnetic tape attached to back of clip

Note: The drip pan can be placed on a table or against a wall.


Instructions for Pocket Games:

1. Use magnetic clips to attach the pockets to the drip pan. (Note: If pockets are not available, use colored folders, or make pockets with construction paper.)

2. Prepare two sets of Bible marker strips in colors to match the pockets. Make the strips longer than the pocket for easy removal.

3. Place one set of Bible markers in the pockets. Place another set in the Bible or in a gift bag.

4. Ask a child to choose a Bible marker. Open the Bible to the verse to read the words. Guide the child to find a matching marker on the drip pan. Bible story pictures can also be placed in the pockets. After a child chooses a picture in a pocket, you can ask questions about the Bible story. This activity can be used to review Bible stories at the end of the month.

Consider other ideas for the pockets such as labeling the pockets for see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Place pictures or items inside the pockets to match the words. A child can reach in the pocket to discover something to match the word.

Teaching Tips:

  • Remind boys and girls of God’s plan for them to do many things. Comment about ways they use their hands as you observe the children.
  • Use opportunities to talk about the Bible story or Bible verse. Sing a song to thank God for the Bible. Pray, thanking God for ways boys and girls are learning about the Bible.

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