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An art center in a preschool classroom can include a variety of materials to involve boys and girls in creative art.  Dry erase boards and materials have become familiar additions to art centers. Dry erase materials provide opportunities for children to color and create. They can draw, trace, and erase! Teachers in preschool Sunday School rooms can affirm and guide a child’s curiosity and creativity in art activities. A teacher can know that we are not teaching art, but we are using art to teach Bible truths.

Supplies for Dry Erase Activities: (See illustration.) Illustration for Dry Erase Activities

  1. dry erase boards—wall and easel sizes or lap boards
  2. dry erase sheets—peel and stick sheets and cardboard pieces
  3. dry erase crayons–regular and bright colors
  4. dry erase washable markers—broad-line or fine-tip colors
  5. dry erase colored pencils
  6. dry erase pad of paper and dry erase sentence strips


  1. Dry erase boards—on an easel or on the wall. Place dry erase materials nearby.
  2. Dry erase lap boards—ready-made boards, white or dark surface. Place boards and materials on a table or in a chair.
  3. Dry erase sheets—package of peel and stick dry erase sheets. Cut cardboard to fit sheets or purchase cake boards (in craft section at Wal-Mart) to use for the dry erase sheets.
  4. Consider using dry erase pad of paper or dry erase sentence strips with dry erase art materials.

Teaching Tips:

  • Open the Bible to 1 Thessalonians 4:11 and read Work with your hands. Talk about how the child is using his hands to draw and color. Expand the conversation to ask the child to name ways he can use his hands at home or at school.
  • Pause to thank God for hands to do many things. Thank God for boys and girls who come to church.

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