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I am so glad to announce we received our order of Easy Risers!!  We have one larger room in our Kid’s Ministry where we can have large group experiences.  It is used every week for our first and second graders children’s worship time each Sunday morning.  We also use it for Our Bible drill rec time and Children’s Choir just to name a couple more.  We had nice chairs but they were smaller so older kids and teachers were too big.  The biggest challenge was stacking and unstacking the chairs depending on the class using the room.

I learned of Easy Risers at the Kid’s Ministry Conference at LifeWay in Nashville.  They were great to work with over the phone and even negotiated the price.  What I like the most is the risers will nest for storage and are light weight so moving them are easy.  Our kids really like being able to see the stage easier since they are on different levels.  The children’s choir teacher likes having risers for the kids to stand on to sing.

If you need something like this, I encourage you to check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.  I had to plan ahead and put it in my budget so we could get them.  You might have to do the same.  Go to to see their video and products.  Do you have Easy risers?  What do you think?  Let a comment.

Your friend,

Mr. Mark

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