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Generally speaking, guys are fixers.  Give us a problem like a leaky faucet, put a wrench in our hand, and we’ll fix it.  However, preschoolers are less of a science, and more of an art.  Our kids aren’t a problem in need of a quick fix, but rather a uniquely beautiful truth waiting to be discovered.  Dads of preschoolers might lose steam while parenting because of all the “immeasurables” or “intangibles.”  

To the dad in the midst of preschool parenting: 

1) You are their hero.  They think their dad can beat up any other dad.  Whether your little girl wants you to hold her before bedtime or your little boy wants to wrestle on the living room floor, in their eyes you are the best at everything. 

2) They are only young once.  You talk to anyone with grandkids and they will say, “Where did the time go?”  Cherish these early years!  Journal, take pictures, capture video, and retain memories about each of your kids.  They’ll want to know about these details when they have their own preschool-aged children. 

3) Simplicity is key.  Unplug the electronics and enjoy the basics.  Developmentally, technology can actually hinder creativity and ingenuity in preschoolers.  Don’t worry about providing high-tech gadgets where they can “build” their own “castles” in Minecraft©.  Instead, go outside and actually build a castle together. 

4) Follow your heavenly Father’s example.  Isaiah 63:16 says, “But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Though we are sinful, our Heavenly Father is our perfect example. 

Parent with an eternal perspective.  Rather than a wrench, pick up a paintbrush and discover the beautiful truth in your child. 

by Keith Badgett

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