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Plan an activity to celebrate fall in the blocks center—a pumpkin wagon. Imagine the curiosity of preschoolers as they see the small wagon loaded with miniature pumpkins in the blocks center. Get ready to talk about plans for the children to unload and re-load the wagon. They can use the blocks to build a road for the wagon  and  a stand  to display the pumpkins.

Supplies for Fall Activity in the Blocks Center:fall

  1. small wagon
  2. miniature pumpkins (available in grocery stores)
  3. wooden blocks in blocks center


  1. Arrange the pumpkins in a small wagon.
  2. Set the wagon in the blocks center.
  3. Enjoy watching a child as he notices the wagon. Guide him to pull the wagon. Include another child in the activity as you encourage them to unload and count the pumpkins. (Note: The miniature pumpkins are hard and can be handled by children.)

Teaching Tips:

  • Open the Bible to Genesis and say, “In the first part of the Bible, we read that God made things to grow and provide food for people to eat.” Talk about how seeds are planted and how God sends the rain in the fall. (Jeremiah 5:24)
  • Talk about farms and people who work to help people have food. Mention that people enjoy using pumpkins in the fall to decorate their homes.
  • Listen as children talk about places where they have seen pumpkins.

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