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The giant game floor mat can be used for a variety of activities in group time, in a learning center, or as an early-arrival activity. Consider preparing a

fall activity to use during this time of the year.


Spread the game mat on the floor or hang on the wall using Command Hooks®—four holes are provided on one side of the mat.

Supplies for Fall Activity for Giant Game Floor Mat:


  • Giant Game Floor Mat (LifeWay Christian Resources, Item 1114564)
  • pictures to place in 10 pockets (20 clear pockets on the mat)
  • gift bag and matching set of pictures (for game in illustration)
  • Command Hooks® for hanging on the wall



1. Gather matching fall pictures.

2. Arrange one set of pictures in the pockets on the game mat. (All pockets do

not have to be used.)

3.     Place the matching set of pictures in a gift bag.

4.     Consider the following ideas for the pockets:

fall decorations (available at dollar stores and teacher supply stores)

clip art from computer to copy and print

photographs of fall food and nature items


Teaching Tips:

  • Talk about fall to introduce the game. Call attention to the pictures in the

pockets. Explain that matching pictures are in the gift bag.

  • Ask a child to reach in the bag and choose one item, and then place it on the

matching picture on the game mat.

  • Continue playing the game until all pictures have been matched.
  • Include conversation about things to see, smell, taste, and touch in the fall.

To emphasize hearing, mention sounds of the wind blowing or footsteps on

a pile of fall leaves.

  • Open the Bible to Psalm 74:17 and say: “The Bible tells us that God made

summer and winter. God also made the fall. Thank You, God, for the fall.”


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