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Combine a nature activity and an art activity to create Bible markers.  Preschoolers can use teacher-made chunk crayons in fall colors to make leaf prints on white card stock. The paper can be cut in strips for Bible markers with a Bible verse added.


Supplies for Fall Leaf Print Bible Markers:

  • white card stock or paper, scissors
  • white address labels
  • supplies for chunk crayons (instructions printed below)
  • leaves (instructions for leaf prints printed below)

Instructions for Chunk Crayons:

  • Use name-brand crayons (Crayola®). Choose fall colors such as brown, orange, red, and yellow.
  • Unwrap the crayons and break into small pieces. Fill the sections of a  muffin pan with the crayon pieces, separating by colors. Place in a warm oven (about 275 degrees) and bake until crayons are melted.
  • When cool, the crayons will pop out of the muffin pan.

Instructions for Leaf Prints:

  • Place leaves on a tray or table. Lay a piece of card stock or paper on top of the leaves. Add tape to the corners of  the paper to hold it in place. Guide a child to choose a chunk crayon to rub across the paper and watch as the leaf prints appear on the paper.

Instructions for Fall Leaf Bible Markers:

  1. Cut card stock or paper in strips after the leaf rubbing is finished.
  2. Print Bible verses on address labels: God gives us things to enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17) or Think of the wonderful things that God made (Job 37:14). Attach a Bible verse label to each marker. (See illustration.)

Teaching Tip:

  • Remind boys and girls that God planned for the leaves to change colors in the fall.

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