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  • Fall Leaf shape templates copied onto white cardstock
  • Magnet wands (can purchase or make your own with a jumbo craft stick and circle magnet—glue the magnet on the end of a craft stick) 
  • Paper clips 
  • Paint (fall leaf colors—red, orange, yellow, brown) 


1. Copy fall leaf templates onto white cardstock. 

2. Provide each child a magnet wand (or a homemade one).  They will hold this wand on the bottom of the page.  

3. On the top of the page, a teacher will place drops of paint onto the leaf shape.  

4. Place the paper clip on the paint area. 

5. Now the child will drag the magnet wand along the bottom of the paper which will start dragging the paper clip through the paint.  

6. The child will continue this process until they have spread the paint along the leaf shape.  

7. After this is dry the teacher (or child) will cut out the leaf shape.  

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