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Teaching continues during the week as a teacher contacts preschoolers and their families. Boys and girls like to get mail! Consider making fall postcards to mail to homes of preschoolers.  When you send mail to a child’s home, a parent will be reading the words to the child. You will be creating a relationship with the child and his family.

Supplies for Fall Postcards:

  • photographs of fall items such as flowers and vegetables
  • printed copies of photographs—must be 4-by-6-inch prints for mailing
  • permanent felt-tip marker

Instructions:1. Choose printed copies of fall photographs to make postcards.2. Draw a line on the back of the photograph to divide the space.3. Print the message on the left side of the line. Print the address on the right side.4. Add a postcard stamp and mail.
Ideas for sending postcards:

  • reminder about attending Sunday School
  • note about something child enjoyed in Sunday School
  • note about absence
  • birthday or seasonal greeting
  • message about a church activity or event
  • note about family situation (birth, illness, death)

Include a Bible verse on the postcard such as God gives us things to enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17), God is good to us (Psalm 73:1), or God loves us (1 John 4:10).


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