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  • Yellow cup
  • Recycled drink bottle
  • Brown ribbon
  • Buttons
  • Orange craft foam
  • Tape
  • Raffia
  • Fall candy


  • Cut the ribbon the length needed to go around the cup.
  • Cut the foam into triangles (for nose).
  • Cut the raffia into 12-inch lengths.


  1. Cut off the rim from around the cup.
  2. Slit the cup a few inches up every ¾ inch.  Use scissors to curl the ends up.
  3. Glue the ribbon about half way up around the cup.
  4. Fill the bottle with fall candy.
  5. Glue the buttons on the bottle to make eyes (or use googly-eyes).
  6. Glue the nose below the eyes.
  7. Use tape strips to make a stitched mouth.
  8. Tie raffia around the neck of the bottle.
  9. Place the cup hat on top of the bottle.

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