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Scripture: Micah 6:8—What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

Opening Question to Discuss: What are some things you think the Lord requires of us?

First Point: We are called on by God to “act justly”. What is that?   It means we seek to do good, to act right, to be proper, faithful, correct, and fair. Should we do that only when we feel like it? Only when people are doing good to us and being fair to us? NO! We are required by God to simply ACT JUSTLY no matter what! That is very hard to do when we think someone has been unfair to us, isn’t it? But God’s way is to “do good anyway!” So, today, let’s work at making up our minds in advance that we will act justly by doing the right thing no matter what happens to us or how hurt we may feel. In our hearts, we can know we are pleasing God and being obedient even when the world feels yucky around us. Let’s just do it, today!

Application Question

What would you do/say?

What does it mean when we say that something is “required”?

What are some ways we can “act justly” when others are not being fair?   (Think of specific examples for your family situations.)

Second Point:   The next thing God requires is to “love mercy”. Mercy is special kindness, help and forgiveness for someone who really doesn’t deserve it. It is being gentle to someone who deserves to be left alone or punished. God not only requires us to do that, but He says we are to love it! How hard is that! But, you know what? He shows us how! That is exactly how He treats us! Think of ways you have hurt God and disobeyed Him. Maybe you told a lie, thought something really ugly about someone, or just goofed off and didn’t give your work your best effort. Did God get all mad and rant and rave about it? No, in His mercy, He forgave you and that is how expects us to treat others. LOVE MERCY!

Application Question

What would you do/say?

How can you “show mercy” today to someone who has hurt you or been mean to you?

What are some things we can do to begin to LOVE showing mercy

Third Point: The last thing that God requires of us is to “walk humbly” with Him. In the world’s eyes, “humble” means weak or poor. Not to God! Humble means not proud, not thinking of yourself first, not thinking you are better than others. God can’t stand pride and arrogance! When we are prideful, we are taking the credit for something and not giving God the credit! God likes for us to be aware of how dependent we are on Him and so HE wants us to walk humbly WITH Him! When we are “with” God, how can we be anything but humble? Compared to Him, we are nothing and yet He loves us. So when we get our relationship with Him in place, humility isn’t hard; “doing justly” and “loving mercy” are the overflow of walking with God in true humility.

Application Question

What would you do/say?

Think of some things you are proud of.

Are you giving God the credit for them?   Are you taking the credit for yourself and being too proud?

Think of ways of praising God and giving Him the credit today.

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