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Scripture: Luke 2:41-52

Opening Question to Discuss:

Look at vacation pictures from vacations your family has been on, what have been your favorite vacations?

First Point:

Most families love trips together.  Mary and Joseph took Jesus on a trip to Jerusalem when he was 12 years old.  They traveled with a group of friends and relatives to the “Passover Festival.”

Application Question

What would you do/say?

Do you ever go on trips with friends or relatives?

Have you gone on trips for a special event?

Second Point:

When the festival was over, Mary, Joseph, and their friends and relatives began their travel home.  In Bible times, many times men traveled with each other, and the women traveled with each other.  Children, like Jesus, most of the time traveled in the group with the women.  Jesus was 12 years old so he could have been with the women or could have traveled with the men.  After they had traveled for a day, Mary and Joseph realized Jesus was not with them.

Application Question

What would you do/say?

How would your parents feel if they didn’t know where you were?

Talk together as a family how Mary and Joseph must have felt not knowing where Jesus was.

Third Point:

Mary and Joseph immediately began their journey back to Jerusalem.  After three days, they found Jesus in the temple talking with the teachers and temple leaders.  Mary and Joseph were so happy to see Jesus and know that he was safe.  Jesus had been teaching the leaders about God and the truths He had sent Jesus to share with people.  Jesus left with Mary and Joseph and was obedient to them.  This was a special trip Mary always remembered.

Application Question

What would you do/say?

Have each person share the look Mary and Joseph must have had on their faces when they found Jesus in the temple.

Do you think Mary and Joseph were proud of Jesus for teaching the leaders about God?

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