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Plan a summertime activity for the blocks center to focus on a farmers’ market. Some children may be familiar with a farmers’ market and may tell you if they have been to one.

Children can use the blocks to build displays for the vegetables. Boys and girls can unload the basket and wagon and arrange the vegetables for a market scene.

Mention summertime by saying God made the summer (Psalm 74:17).


Supplies for Farmers’ Market:

  1. small wagon
  2. basket
  3. variety of summer vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, potatoes, squash, and tomatoes
  4. wooden blocks


  1. Arrange the vegetables in a small basket and wagon. (See illustration.)
  2. Set the basket and wagon in the blocks center.
  3. Enjoy watching a child as he notices the basket and wagon. Include other children in the activity as you encourage them to identify the vegetables in the basket and wagon.
  4. Suggest using the blocks to build vegetable stands.

Teaching Tips:

  • Talk about farms and people who work to help people have food. Describe a farmers’ market and say that farmers bring their food to the market to sell.
  • Open the Bible to Genesis and say, “God made plants to grow on the land” (Genesis 1:11). Talk about God’s plans for people to have food to eat—God gives food to us (Psalm 136:25).

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