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Plan an activity to involve boys and girls in remembering Father’s Day. Be aware of different family situations as you talk about fathers. Mention grandfathers and other important adults in a child’s family.

This idea features a water bottle and a message for Dad. As you gather the supplies and make your plans, think about ways God provides for children and their families.


Supplies for Father’s Day Activity:

  • water bottles
  • sticky foam sheets
  • scissors
  • self-adhesive labels for words: Water for Dad


1. Before the session, cut strips of sticky foam to fit around the water bottles. Prepare the self-adhesive labels. (Alternate idea: Use a black permanent marker to print the words on the sticky foam strip.)

3. Guide each child to place the Water for Dad label on the sticky foam strip and then peel off the backing and wrap the strip around the bottle. The children will enjoy doing this, but they will need help to wrap and secure the sticky foam strip on the water bottle. (See illustration.)

Teaching Tips

  • Talk about water and how God provides water for people. Mention the ways people get water to drink such as water bottles.
  • Open the Bible to Exodus 20:12. Point to the words Love your father and Mother.  Say: “Each year we have Mother’s Day to celebrate mothers. We also have Father’s Day. This is the time when we remember fathers, grandfathers, and other important men in our families.”

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