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Consider an activity to make Father’s Day cards during your Sunday morning session.

Teachers should be sensitive to home situations when talking about Father’s Day. Children may live in a home with their father, or they may live with grandparents or other family members.

Pray for the children in your class as you plan this activity.


Supplies for Father’s Day Cards:

  • small white cards
  • washable markers
  • white letter-size envelopes


1. Print the words I love you on separate cards. (You may decide to let the children print the words on cards.)

2. Provide one card for each child to print his name on it.

3. Ask the child to print Dad or another name on the outside of the envelope.

4. Before placing the cards in an envelope, guide a child to put the word cards together to read the message and his name.

5. After the child puts the four small cards in the envelope for his dad, print his name in the corner of the envelope to place with take-home items.  (See illustration.) Suggest that the child watch his dad open the card, so he can tell him to put the cards together and read the words.

Teaching Tips

  • Say, “The card you made today helps you say “I love you” to your  dad.”
  • Pray, thanking God for Jesus and His love. Thank God for families.

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