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Celebrate Father’s Day by playing a game during group time. Boys and girls enjoy games. For a teacher, a game can be a way to make a connection to the Bible story or a seasonal time such as Father’s Day.

As you gather the supplies for the game, think about the fathers of children in your class. Pray for the fathers, asking God to bless and help them and their families.


Supplies for Game for Father’s Day:

  • car wash mitt (See illustration.) The car wash mitt can be purchased in the automotive department at Wal-Mart.
  • items to represent fathers such as golf ball, tennis ball, keys, cell phone, remotes, sunglasses, tools


1. Place items inside the car wash mitt.

2. Describe the game by saying that a child can reach inside the mitt and feel something that his father might use. Explain that the child can guess what he is feeling.

3. Hold the mitt as the child reaches inside to feel and guess one item. After he guesses, ask him to pull the item from the mitt to see what he felt.

4. Continue the game to discover other items in the mitt.

Teaching Tips:

  • Talk about items in the mitt.
  • Ask the children to name other things that fathers might use or things they enjoy doing.
  • Tell the boys and girls that the Bible says to Love your father (Deuteronomy 5:16).

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